Flying Hoofs Stables
"Teaching horses to fly since 2005"
513.317.3262                          3005 Camp Ernst Lane                           Burlington, Kentucky 41005


                        One Year Rates:    
Full Care         $500.00 - month
                                                                                Partial Care    $250.00 - month

                                    Short Term:                  Add $30.00 per month to the above fees.   

                    All clients will receive both A.M. and P.M. feeding, watering and regular turn-out by Flying Hoofs employees.
                                                A surcharge for arena maintenance will occasionally be added to your account.
                                    The total cost will be divided among the total number of horses using our facility at the time.
                            Repairs for the damage to the facility caused by individual horses will also be charged to your account.
                                                    Every other month $7.00 will be applied to your account for wormer.   

                        Deposit:                       $150.00

                            The deposit is an initial fee required at the beginning start of boarding with Flying Hoofs Stables.
                The deposit will be refunded if the following conditions are met at the termination of the client/owner contract:

                                                       * Client gives one month notice prior to termination.
                                                       * Client pays all balances incurred with Flying Hoofs Stables.
                                                       * Client has remained a minimum of 6 months with Flying Hoofs Stables.


                                                   60 minute private         $50.00           45 minute private         $40.00
                                                   30 minute private         $30.00           60 minute group           $40.00

                                                          Note: Failure to cancel a scheduled lesson at least 6 hours prior to the
                                                                                        scheduled time will result in full charges for the services.
                                                    Schooling Rides    $30.00        Lunging (Bitting or Pessoa)    $25.00

                                                    Ship in for:        Shoeing - Vet - Lesson     $15.00
                                                    Commissions    15% Sales or Lease Agreements