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2014 Flying Hoofs Stables Show Schedule


                        January 30 - February 17
February 19 -24

                        March 21 - 23
                        March 30 - April 7

                        April 18 - 21
                        April 23 - 27
                        April 26 - 27
                        May 7 - 11
                        May 16 - 19
                        May 21 - 25
                        May 24 -26
                        May 28 - June 2

June 2 - 8
                        June 11 - 15
                        June 28 - July 1

                        July 3 - 7
                        July 16 - 20
                        July 30 - August 3

                        August 20 - 24

                        September 12 - 14

                        October 3 - 6
                        October 4

        Jessica judging in Ocala, Fl.

        Country Heir Indoors II
        Jessica judging in Del Mar, Ca.

        Jessica judging Sporthorse Inc, In
        Brownland Farm Spring
        Jessica judging in Shelbyville, Ky

        Kentucky Spring
        Jessica judging in Michigan
        Country Heir Farm Series I
        Jessica judging in Saugerties, Ny

        Upperville Colt & Horse Show
        Country Heir Summer II
        Brownland Farm Summer

        Showday National
        Hits On The Hudson
        Kentucky Summer Classic

        Angelstone Tournaments

        Country Heir Farm Series IV

        Jessica judging Showtime Series
        Camargo Hunter Trials


Wellington, Florida (AA)

Wilmington, Ohio (A)

Franklin, Tennessee (AA)

Lexington, Kentucky (AA)

Franklin, Tennessee (AA)
Fayetteville, Ohio (NR)

Upperville, Virginia (AA)
Lexington, Kentucky (AA)
Franklin, Tenessee (AA)

Culpeper, Virginia (AA)
Saugerties, New York (AA)
Lexington, Kentucky (AA)

Ontario, Canada (AA)

Fayetteville, Ohio (A)

Delaware, Ohio
Indian Hill, Ohio (NR)

2013 Show Schedule Wrap Up!

What an incredible year it has been at FHS!!
Congratulations to all our riders and their fabulous horses.
FHS is extremely proud of all of you and your accomplishments.
We look forward to sharing your goals and dreams in the 2014 season!

                                                    2013 Highlights

Congratulations to Abby Tanenbaum and Salsa on qualifying for the US Pony Jumper Championships and also Harrisburg this year!  Every horse show they remained top in their class!!  This year, Abby has a new fancy mount, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds for them both!

Congratulations to Willow Davis and her horse Malachi for qualifying for the US Children's Jumper Championships held in Saugerties, New York.  They finished six place overall for the Team Championship!!  Willow will be concentrating on her other very talented horse Beezie in 2014!!  They were 7th place out of a class of 67 this summer!!  We are looking forward to watching them grow this coming year!!

Congratulations to Sarah Dougherty on Midnight Curfew for winning 6th place out of 90 in her jumper class in Saugerties, New York this summer!  Way to go Sa!!

Congratulations to Ashton Schrand on placing 3rd out of a class in KY with all adults!!  She really stepped up to the plate and impressed all of us!!

Congratulations to Molly and her horse Lady for an awesome first year of showing!!  They will be so much fun to watch this coming year!!

Congratulations to Lindsey and her horse Mickey for winning several blue ribbons in their first show with us this past September!!  Can't wait to see them in the pony jumper ring this new year!!  US Pony Jumper Championships here we come!!

Congratulations to Sarah Davis and her awesome pony Pepperminty Patty for winning too many ribbons to count this summer!!  Not only in the jumper ring but in the equitation ring as well!


Flying Hoofs Stables  offers a wide range of horse show opportunities for riders of all levels. We attend anywhere from small non-rated shows to large competitive AA rated shows. We will recommend the shows that best fit you and your horse's needs.

Before signing up for a horse show, please make sure you schedule a meeting with either Jessica or Asha to verify everything you will need in order to participate and make your show experience as smooth as possible.

                Special Note:
All entries will be completed by Jessica or Asha for horses who are boarded at Flying Hoofs Stables only.
All other clients are responsible for completing and submitting their entries appropriately.  Due to the strictness of the 2004 AHSA drugs and medications standards, we will not sign as trainer for any horse not boarded at Flying Hoofs Stables. Cancellation after entries close will result in a charge.

                                  Horse Shows:
                                                                Non-Showing Day Rate         $40.00
                                                                Showing Day Rate                  $50.00
                                                                School Horse Rental               $40.00
                                                                Horse Transportation            $TBD
                                                                Hotel                                         $%/Horse
                                                                Feed/Bedding                         $%/Horse
                                                                Tack Stalls                               $%/Horse