Saturday Camps: 

   *$60.00 per person

Summer Camps: 

   *$425.00 per person 

Pony Party Camp:


One Year Rates:


Short Term:

   *Add $400.00 per month to the above fees

Deposit: $250.00

   *The deposit is an initial fee required at the beginning of your stay with              Flying Hoofs Stables


*Medications billed per dosage (no one is permitted to medicate their own horse)

*Grooms and Trainers hotel rooms will be divided evenly by number of horses

*Braiding is paid directly to braider before leaving the show.

*It is the exhibitors responsibility to close their account in the show office before leaving the show.

Commissions on sales and lease contracts are 15% of purchase/sale or lease price

*Set-up Fee: $35.00

*Shipping: TBA

*Grooms Fee: TBA

*FHS owned horse rental: $30.00/day

​*Training rides: Boarders: $30.00/ride  

                              Non-Boarders: $50.00/ride

*Non-showing training day: $45.00

*Showing training day: $75.00

*Day Care: $35.00


Horse Shows:


*Special Care: $20.00/half hour

  (Holding horse for vet/farrier, bathing, medical treatment, etc.)

*Clip: bridle path, face, fetlocks, mane pull: $35.00

*Full body clip: $150.00


*One Hour Private:


*One Hour Group:


*30 Minute Private:



-Buy 6 lessons, receive the 7th lesson free

- 30 min package: $390.00

-One hour package: $510.00

 ^Ship-in: +$25.00 to above lesson fees


*Horse ridden by FHS professional:

   -Personally owned horse: $55.00

   -Shipped-in horse: $75.00

*Lunging: $30.00

2016 Fees

Flying Hoofs S​tables