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Meet our Trainers

Jessica Reuthe

    Head trainer, Jessica started showing hunters and equitation at the age of eight.  She would ride her bike to the local hunter/jumper barn situated in her neighborhood and work after school and weekends.  In exchange for all of her work, she would receive riding lessons on "Charlie Brown."  That experience helped to develop her into the person she is today.  Jessica firmly believes in hard work and dedication in order to succeed in this sport.

    Fast forward to today, and you will see Jessica riding, training and judging through out the nation.  Jessica currently has her USEF "R" judge's license in hunters, jumpers and equitation.  She has been extremely fortunate in having the opportunity to learn from some of the very best in the country.  Michael Page, Mel Stone, Dale Pederson, Richard Wilkinson, Brian Flynn, Katie Frank and Carleton Brooks to name just a few.  She has judged many large rated horse shows including, but not limited to, Ocala, FL and Saugerties, New York